Ancestral Attic Eastern European and Poland Genealogy Research and Heritage Tours
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Eastern European & Poland Genealogy Research and Heritage Tours

ancestors Professional Poland Genealogist Research Service Researching Your Polish Ancestors and Family History and Conducting Private Custom and Exclusive Escorted Tours of Your Ancestral Village in all of Poland and Eastern Europe.

Polish Genealogy Research

Germany reunion

Family Genealogy record research can be frustrating. We at Ancestral Attic genealogy research service and Poland custom heritage tours realize this. We know that the time necessary to hunt down your ancestors and roots is not always possible for those with a busy schedule. The "arm chair" researcher or part time genealogist may take years to find a single generation or in some cases, a single document. If you are from Polish descent, then you'll understand quickly that due mainly to past partitioning of Poland over many centuries locating your ancestor's birthplace is difficult to say the least. This is where our genealogist service can help you. We do have the time. We have the professional experience and the access to retrieve the documents that will prove your heritage.

We can help you put the pieces together and afford you the opportunity to unravel the mystery of your Eastern European or Polish genealogy tree. We utilize both old and new archives throughout Eastern Europe and Poland along with civil and church resources. We plow through American courthouses, microfilm, passenger lists, census and countless other heritage source files. We can also translate exactly what found documents say, because our translation service is second to none. We translate documents from Polish, Russian, Latin, and German. Having the documentation is great, yet better when you understand what is written.  And don't forget - Our research also extends to Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Czech Republic. Germany, Latvia, Russian Federation, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Custom Private Tours of Poland & all of Eastern Europe

Imagine traveling to the home of your ancestors village or touring through Poland or anywhere in Eastern Europe just for the sake of its natural beauty. Imagine doing this in style and comfort at a cost you can afford. Well, imagine no further, because Ancestral Attic Poland Custom Tours will make imagination a reality for you. We'll take away the hassle of deciding the how and what of the arrangements so that you can truly enjoy these treasured moments without the stress or confusion of planning your trip. Our Poland private tours and tailor made Eastern European vacations will also allow you to travel to any and every destination of your choosing without having to tolerate the inflexible schedule and crowded conditions of a predetermined group tour. Our Poland Ancestry tours bring you the past.

Custom Eastern European vacations and Private Poland tours are exclusive to your desires

Living Relations Search

We will check every available source to locate long-lost relatives who had remained in Poland or who immigrated to the new world. Once we have re-connected your family, we will help you to communicate and arrange a reunion that will forever stay in your memory. We can also trace US relations to locate descendants and cousins you never knew you had.


Translations done right !! We translate your old documents or new correspondence. Check out our services page for more detail.

  • Guided Poland Tours offer privacy and flexibility
  • Travel in comfortable autos, mini-vans or buses for a group of 1 to 100 travelers
  • Well-informed guides who understand your need to know.
  • At a cost you can surely afford; often times less expensive than an off-the-shelf tour.

Go to our Tours page for more in-depth detail on what our exclusive, private and custom Eastern Europe and Poland heritage tours have to offer.

Professional Memberships

Member PGSA - Polish Genealogical Society of America
Member FEEFHS - The Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies
Member PGSM - Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
Member APG - Association of Professional Genealogists
Member NGS - National Genealogical Society
Member PTG - Polskie Towarzystwo Genealogiczne


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