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Ancestral Attic was established in 1997 by a family of genealogists living on both sides of “the pond” who have a true passion for their work. Initially, we began seeking the roots of families in Poland alone. After receiving many requests from clients who had a deep rooted need to discover their genealogical past in other locations, we slowly expanded. Since then, we have grown our business to include genealogy research in most of Eastern Europe and some neighboring countries including: Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine and of course, Poland.

In 2000, we began offering heritage tours for those who had the desire to visit their ancestral homes (coupled with or without general sightseeing tours) throughout Eastern Europe and all countries we service. Ancestral Attic tours are customized to suit the wishes of each client and are a personal and frequently moving experience.

Though we have received a number of compliments through the years in regards to our tours, perhaps the one that best describes the type of service we provide is a testimonial from a gentleman who had taken an Ancestral Attic heritage tour with his family in 2010. His note simply said, “I will miss our email exchanges. I feel that I have found a new friend during these months of planning”.

No matter if it’s through an old dusty archive or cramped church basement; through an aged letter or a faded photograph; through stepping foot on the soil of your ancestral homeland or through a phone call to a stranger who turns out to be a long lost cousin….Ancestral Attic is proud to take you home.

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Seeking the Ideal Location in Warsaw, Poland
Season 68 - Episode 7 - Air Date: Jul 29, 2014
Plot: Hailing from the small, sleepy town of Iroquois Falls, Canada, Shari Denault was hankering for a change. So, she accepted a teaching position in Poland's bustling capital city. But Warsaw's rich culture & remarkable legacy weren't its only draws. Shari is also hoping to track down the relatives her great-grandfather left behind nearly a century ago. Now, with a particular ideal, she's searching this humming metropolis for a home as House Hunters International uncovers the past and dives into the future in Warsaw, Poland.s


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