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Ancestral Attic Testimonials

Over the years, we at Ancestral Attic have received praise for our services. These accolades are always appreciated not just because they are a testament of a job well done, but because each experience has given us as much joy. It is truly an honor to play a role in each clients' family history discovery through our genealogy research and heritage tours. Below are just a few examples of the feedback we have received........

Thank you once again for helping to arrange our recent trip. It was a very special experience for all of us. You helped fulfill a dream, that had lasted two generations, of wanting to learn about and know our Polish heritage. My mother yearned most of her life to know about her Polish heritage. When I picked up from where my mother left off in the 1970s as she declined into dementia; and began my research into our family's Polish heritage a few short years ago I could not have even imagined that I would one day meet living relatives in the home towns of my Polish grandparents, including a visit to the farm where my grandmother was born and raised. Amazingly, the farm is still in the family. We are now in on-going contact with our cousins in Poland whom you helped connect us to. Thank you so much for all your efforts in making the dream come true. I think my mother would be very happy. Besides my four wonderful daughters, the family connections with our cousins in Poland were the best gifts that I have ever been granted.

Gary N. - Aptos, CA USA

Thank you for arranging our tour!!! We just got back to Minnesota last night. We thoroughly enjoyed our time touring Poland and Slovakia. Ewa added a depth and width with her knowledge of the history, culture and language of the countries. Thank you also for finding my third cousin in Slovakia. That was extra special. We will always remember this trip with a smile!

Dawn Stavish – Mankato, MN USA

I wanted to thank you and your company for the wonderful tour my dad and I had last week. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was! It absolutely exceeded my expectations, especially considering the condensed time frame you all had to prepare the tour. Maciej was wonderful - his kindness and knowledge were appreciated and he went above and beyond to make the day one we wouldn't forget.
My dad has dreamed for years of traveling to Poland to see where his grandmother was from, but was uncertain where to start as he doesn't speak Polish and she came from a very small town. Your company made it possible to not only see the town, but visit the parish, track down her birth record, and meet family we didn't know existed. Thank you so very much for coordination the experience of a lifetime - it is one we won't soon forget.

Marissa Pietrus – Wheat Ridge, CO USA

Can't believe it has been nearly a month since we were in Europe. Wanted to thank you for all your hard work. It was a trip that I have been envisioning for years. It far exceeded our expectations. The trip was an exceptionally rewarding experience. The food was outstanding. The guides were fantastic! Ewa was great. She helped us in so many ways -from selecting restaurants, navigating local customs, feeling comfortable in traveling from one area to another. Of course two of highlights for me were trekking to the village of Ciechania and traveling to Kozany to see the church in which my maternal grandmother was baptized. Meeting the caretaker of the church and finding out he was a cousin was a bonus. Another highlight was meeting a Tressa cousin in Tahanovce. Many thanks to Radko who was key in arranging this meeting. Radko was able to bridge the language gap between my cousin and I so that we had a wonderful family discussion. And finally so many thanks to Svitlana. She was able to arrange a sit down with Luzhok town officials. Being able to talk to the mayor, and being able to find out information on my paternal grandfather was fantastic. It is something we had talked about for weeks. Sharing our adventures with family and friends has been wonderful. And we can't forget the drivers who were always courteous and helpful.

Bob Cebrick – Doylestown, PA USA

I want to thank you for our wonderful trip. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Ewa was a terrific, knowledgeable, personable, patient, kind, fun, and energetic guide. She enhanced our Polish experience so much. I’ll always remember this trip.

Pat Ticknor

The entire trip was so well organized and went without a hitch. The hotels and restaurants were great, the van was large and comfortable, and we even had excellent weather!

Our guide was perfect for our group. She is so friendly and outgoing, and immediately put us all at ease. She was so helpful and attentive to all our needs (especially my 72 year old sister who was hobbling around with swollen feet!) It was wonderful talking though all the research with her, and then visiting the towns, churches, cemeteries, etc. that brought it all to life. In one town we were even able to speak with a local resident who gave us some great leads people with our surnames in a neighboring village. She is so knowledgeable about history and architecture which really enhanced what we were seeing. On our last day with her, she made sure our group and luggage were safely aboard the train for Hamburg as we waved a tearful goodbye!

Carole Jones – Seattle, WA USA

Our trip to Ukraine was wonderful! The guide was perfect. All of the arrangements were wonderful. We made amazing discoveries and it was certainly the trip of a lifetime for my father. Literally life-changing. So thank you!

Renee Triemstra – Sterling Heights, MI USA

I wanted to express our sincere thanks for coordinating our Poland journey. The details your research director Deborah provided were spot-on. You probably heard by now, I was very overwhelmed and cried when I met the first cousin. I felt like I had known her for years. It truly was incredible to find family from a letter dating back 50 years ago. Great choice on the tour guide Isabella. She and her husband were wonderful; we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Isabella has a wealth of knowledge, and we felt like we had known her for years. She and her husband Pawel shared traditions and historical facts about Poland along our journey.

Kathy Raglin – Rochester, MI USA

We are finally back from our tour/trip and wanted to say a big thank you. You did a fabulous job arranging everything. The guides were terrific and went out of their way to make sure we saw what we wanted to see. Thanks again!!

Elaine Auerbach – Kingman, AZ USA

Thank you so very much for a fabulous tour!! Ewa was absolutely amazing: friendly, knowledgeable, patient, understanding, determined, etc. etc. I can't imagine accomplishing so much without her guidance. We found lots of info on the families I wanted to research, and toured the villages (including "new" ones, we came across during researches), one of which was in a really remote area. Without Ewa's determination, I'm sure we would never have gotten there :)

Rosemary Hayes – Seminole, FL USA

My family and I returned on Monday, August first, from an amazing ancestral journey to a number of our family villages in Germany and Poland. It was only with your professional help and our outstanding guide, that we could have visited so many towns and churches in Brandenburg and the Pommern region. She was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and patient with our questions and requests. We all still miss her even a week out from the journey together! I have already recommended your agency to several people who have listened to my glowing report about our experience! Thank you all for what you do to enable people to reconnect with the past!

Martha Ashton – Seattle, WA USA

I wanted to let you know how much my daughter Tara and I enjoyed our time in Poland with Alicja and in Ukraine with Victor. They both were well informed on what we were interested in and we learned many things about the regions we visited. Both of them were willing to join us in exploring overgrown German Lutheran cemeteries and in talking to the locals about the history of the Germans in the former Galicia region. Their senses of humour and interest in our quest made the trip very special for both of us.

Karen Sproule – Rocky View County, AB Canada

In a nutshell, the trip was great! You had mentioned what a gem Belarus is, and indeed you were correct. It’s hard to fathom why the place has virtually no tourists — which is a big bonus in the 21st century. Barely a selfie-stick in sight the whole 2 weeks…. I’m very glad to have taken the time to explore all areas of the country, as there were many interesting discoveries to be made along the way. One stroke of good fortune was being scheduled to see Vetka the exact day that a once-a-year festival was being held in a nearby village. It was quite a joy to see the locals, young and old, in traditional dress.

I can’t compliment Olga enough. She was absolutely fantastic as both a guide and travel companion. All our guides were true experts who demonstrated an incredible amount of knowledge as well as pride in their country and region.

R. Muroji - Nerima-ku, Tokyo Japan

Our entire trip was wonderful and we especially enjoyed our time in Belarus. Our guide was wonderful and went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable at all times. We admired her knowledge and appreciated that she had made a journey to Kobryn prior to our arrival and had located the cemetery where my ancestors were buried and what exists at Zadarnowo today. She also took us to several sites related to Jewish History that had not been on our itinerary as she quickly realized that this was of special interest to Lee. The country was absolutely beautiful, I understand why my father loved it so much. We are very satisfied with our trip, we saw the sites that were most important to us and so many others that we are glad were included. We also feel that we made new friends. Thank you for all you did to organize this trip and put it all together. It was very meaningful, occasionally somber (Holocaust Memorials), and a lot of fun. We are grateful to have been able to make this journey.

Isabel Diltz

We had such a wonderful time in Poland and were so unbelievably pleased with Marta, our guide. I wanted to leave a nice testimonial on the ancestral attic website, but couldn't find a place to do so. My husband and I live by online reviews for anything we buy or any trips we take, so I wanted to make sure to share what a great experience we had with your company. If you could let me know how to leave a review on the website, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of your help in planning our trip. You were so easy to work with and made planning so simple! Thanks again!

Kristen Pasierb - Portage, PA, USA

I would recommend using the professional services of Ancestral Attic for your next trip to Poland. This is a very well run organization. We had a driver pick us up at the airport and take us to our hotel. All of the hotels we stayed at were very nice and had a good breakfast for us each morning. The guide we had was named Ewa and she was the BEST! She spoke perfect English and took us to the little villages where my grandparents were born. She really went "above and beyond" by putting in very long days with us and being very helpful when we had any questions. She really put us "first" at all times. If you want to "create" your own private tour of Poland, let Ancestral Attic make your trip come true.

Mark Jarocha - Warren, Michigan, USA

Our tour of Poland was truly wonderful. Ewa proved herself to be extraordinarily capable. Her knowledge of the region and its history made our experience memorable. We feel that we have a new friend in Poland. And what a beautiful country it is! Ewa did a masterful job of intertwining sightseeing with genealogy. Our pace was relaxed which gave us time to absorb the beauty of Poland. She looked out for us in many ways, and we were grateful for that. And her knowledge of history, art, etc. all helped to bring her beautiful country to life for us. We were totally amazed at her command of all things American (language, culture, etc.). I don't think she was ever stumped by an American idiom or slang.

We will not hesitate to let our local genealogical societies know of our wonderful experience with Ancestral Attic.

Sandy E. - Bloomington, MN, USA

First of all, thank you so very very much for putting the Poland portion of our trip together. It was the highlight of our trip. To be honest, I was a nervous wreck concerning the Polish research prior to arriving in Poland. I had never hired a guide/researcher/interpreter before and I was hoping the accolades on your website were not inflated or fabricated. Even my husband, kept telling me to lower my expectations because he didn't want me to be disappointed.

But Marta, our Ancestral Attic guide and interpreter, was like a dog with a bone, she was determined to help us find all the info I wanted and she far exceeded my expectations. Although I was worried at first because she asked what was the primary piece of information I desired. I answered with my great grandmother's death date but I wanted to find so much more. And I did with all of her help.

Again, thank you for everything. I am so sorry that I was a doubting Thomas concerning Ancestral Attic. You and Marta exceeded my expectations more than I can fully explain.

Dottie Klein - Beavercreek, OH, USA

... And thoroughly approve of our guide and experience. I will write a more complete analysis that I hope you can use for your business but I want to let you know that we asked Zoltan to keep the 40 Euros that the translators in Dobsina declined as part of his tip. He was going to return the money but we were pleased to have him accept it as part of his services above and beyond our expectations. I will remember this as a journey of a lifetime!

Kris Graham - Wayne, PA, USA

We are back from our wonderful trip to Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. We are still recovering from the long plane trip but I wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly and we were really impressed with our guides, especially in Poland.

There is so much to say, but for now just let me say that Poland is a beautiful country. We were especially moved to see the 2 churches that our grandparents were christened in and our great-grandparents were married in. Both of the churches are the original buildings. Our drives through the countryside gave us a real feeling for the environment of our heritage.

Thank your for the wonderful job you did in making the arrangements. Please let us know if you would like
us to fill out any evaluations or would like further information from us. We would be glad to give any testimonials for your agency.

Carolyn Grochowski Jackson - Nashotah, WI, USA

I want to thank you for the best tour we have ever had. Ewa was amazing with her knowledge of the country and her researching capabilities and translating for us.

We found that my grandfather came from Krempna and much more info than that.

The time we had in Poland was fabulous. We would certainly use your company again if we were to go away to Europe.

Magda and Ludwik - Toms River, NJ, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I had a lovely, fascinating holiday. The guides were wonderful, can you please pass on my thanks to all three of them. It was just like being on Who Do You Think You Are. I kept looking around for the rolling cameras. LOL.

Jacinta Layton - Sydney, Australia

This is the first chance that I have had to compliment you on your choices of travel guides for my trip to Poland. Both my daughter and I were very comfortable with Magda's and Ewa's services. They were informative and very personal. I have found some new records in Boronow and Zamosc.

Thank you for setting everything up.

Roger Laske - Clinton Twp, MI, USA

I am traveling at the moment, but I wanted to write you a quick email to let you know how pleased I was with Alicja-- she was an incredible guide who truly went above and beyond. I am beyond impressed with her knowledge and professionalism!

I am so pleased I used your service and I won't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

Shelley Puhak - Baltimore, Maryland

I returned from Poland a few weeks ago. My side trip to Dziektarzewo was amazing. I finally saw where my family came from and loved the area. My guide, Renata, was great. We had luck on our side as the church was open when we got there. The priest was outside and he gave us a tour of the church. The tour of the church made it a memorable experience. I can see why my father was very proud of being Polish. It is such a beautiful country.

M. Sliwicki - Princeton, NJ

This was very enjoyable tour for us. We got a taste of Ukraine and Poland, as well as some significant experiences about our family history. While Ukraine is not that developed, we found Poland to be very up to date with good highways, roads, and services. This may be a one time experience for our group, but I am sure each of us would love to return and uncover more treasures. We appreciate very much your organizing the custom tour and as one of our group remarked, “Our guides knocked themselves out for us and thereby added greatly to the discoveries and experiences.”

Best Wishes and God Bless,
K. Kuhn - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

We just returned back from Poland earlier this week, and I'm finally getting a chance to write you and thank you for helping to arrange the first portion of our trip. We had a fantastic time, and the time we spent with Magda and Ania were the highlights of the entire trip.

Both ladies were excellent guides and extremely helpful. Magda in particular was absolutely wonderful!

Magda picked us up from our hotel in Warsaw on our 2nd day in Poland. She drove us to Strzewego, where she had already made arrangements to meet with the priest at the local church, so we could search through the records. Father Paul was unbelievable. He was so helpful, and with Magda's help translating back and forth, we were able to see the records of all my husband's grandmother's siblings that were baptized in that church. After helping us find the records, we asked if we could look inside the church. As we were walking around, Father Paul and Magda started chatting, and it turned out that the church was not the original church, and Father Paul wanted to know if we'd like to see the original church. So, Magda loaded us all in the car and Father Paul took us over to the original church (which is currently being restored) where my husband's grandmother and her family would have attended Mass on Sunday mornings. It was unbelievable! Father Paul let us take as much time as we wanted, and let us walk all around. He then pointed us to the local cemetery, where we were able to find gravestones of other relatives.

Without going into details (which would take up pages and pages), Magda drove us all over that day, took us to government offices, churchs, cemetaries, etc. and helped us track down all sorts of information about our relatives. Through all of our travels (and even with a slight glitch with our hotel rooms for the night), she had everything under control. She went out of her way to do anything she could for us. In fact, Father Paul offered to write up a certificate for us with the baptismal records we found. He mailed it to Magda, and when we were in Warsaw again about a week later during our trip, Magda met us for lunch on her own time to deliver the certificate. I've used a lot of tour guides in my travels over the years, and Magda is at the top of my list. She is someone I hope to stay in touch with on a personal level for life. Absolutely a wonderful person!

Ania also did a fantastic job in Posnan. She took us all over the city, but at the same time was very conscious of the physical limitations that the more "senior" people in our family had. In the morning, her and her husband picked us up at our hotel early in the morning, and drove us to the train station. She made sure we got to the right platform and even waited with us until our train came to make sure we got on the right train.

Again, thanks for your help. The trip was fantastic! I passed your name on to a few people in our tour group later in the week, so I hope they got in touch with you.

Take care,

C. Rieck

I just wanted to thank you for supplying us with such a wonderful guide Piotr.

The whole tour exceeded our expectations.
He was excellent in every way, he had prepared so much for us in advance at the archives.
We were so impressed with his level of Jewish & local history knowledge.

Many thanks again

Helen Lewis - Australia

Its a week since we returned from our wonderful trip to Poland and now that the dust has settled and our "clocks" are back to normal I can give you some feedback on just how things went.
As planned, we were met by Magda and I must report to you that Magda was  and is an absolute joy. I have read your other testamonials and where they say that their guide gave 110%, I say Magda gave 130%. She was completely familiar with every aspect of the history and trivia of every venue on our itin-
erary and her contacts with our family members proved to be most rewarding.
We are living proof that you can leave Warsaw in the morning, drive to Czestochowa, tour all of Jasna Gora (even on Mary, Queen of Poland Day) with the help of a fabulous private guide, drive to Auschwitz, tour that tragic site, drive on to Krakow and have a wonderful dinner.  I can best describe our family get togethers in both Wykrot and Dwory as fun.  Magda and Alicia both did an amazing job of arranging our meetings and they were more memorable than we could have hoped for.
My kudos to you and all of Ancestral Attic for a job well done.

Bardzo dzienkuya.

Jack Sulik - Stoneham, Massachusetts. 

Nicole and I want to thank you for a marvelous trip and the bottle of wine. The trip to Poland was the best trip I ever took. We enjoyed every minute of it. The floods didn't effect us and it only rained when we were on the trains. OMG!!! It was such a beautiful country and your tour guides are so knowledgeable.
Thank you again for everything.

Teresa Henry - Eastpointe , MI

The trip was great!! No problems with flights, weather was quite nice (just a little rainy the last weekend - good excuse to shop & tour museums), guest house Trecius was perfect for me, records found at the churches exceeded my expectations, and we had a lovely dinner with the living Jedrocha relatives in Skawa. Alicja was wonderful - friendly and informative, good at getting information about me and my family while we were driving, etc. so she had answers to the questions the Polish relatives had (less need for translating back and forth). All my goals were accomplished!

Thank you for being my conduit for making the visits to the ancestral villages so successful.

Ginny Babczak - Concord, NH

Just a quick note to say a BIG BIG Thank you, Jenkuya and dyuk-oo.
I'm in Odessa and almost at the end of the Polish/ Ukrainian leg of my Geneodyssey. Everything has gone swimmingly - even the last minute change!!

All the guides have been superb - especially Alicja, who is a total darling. Marta was excellent too... Completely overqualified - she has a masters in International Relations. She was very proactive, especially in the archives. Even Yuri, our driver, helped out looking through some old books in Zalishchiki!!

I've been delighted with everything and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully I'll be able to use your services again in the future.

Dani Haski - Sydney , Australia

As a general comment it was an excellent trip and well organized (by you). I could not have done this by myself. I achieved what I set out to do which was visit my ancestral village and get a good look at that area of Poland .
I want to thank you once again and will certainly recommend you to anyone else who may be visiting Poland.

Kevin Kubank - Evatt , Australia

Our trip to Lithuania , Latvia , Slovakia , and Slovenia was wonderful. The guides were very good, the hotel rooms were quite comfortable, and the breakfasts were more than adequate.

Marius was our guide/driver in Lithuania and Latvia . He could not have been better. He went above and beyond the call of duty in our search for my grandmother's birth village, which (as we had suspected) apparently had been abandoned/destroyed many years ago. He also took us to the home of a family who appeared to be related to my grandmother. I was very pleased to make this unexpected connection with more relatives in Lithuania .

Lucia, our guide in Vysoká nad Kysucou, led us to the church, the cemetery, and to the municipal building. Tatjana was our guide among the villages southeast of Ljubljana . Tatjana led us to the church in Vinica where the records for the region are maintained. The priest there gave us information about my grandmother's family that was previously unknown to me. This was an unexpected and exciting find.

Graeme, our driver/guide to/from/in Bled spoke English very well because he was born and raised in England . Our guide in Ljubljana showed us the highlights of the Old Town section, led us up to Ljubljana Castle, and (because his father operates tour boats on the river and had an urgent need for a helmsman) gave us a free boat tour.

I will miss our email exchanges with Ancestral Attic. I feel that I have found a new friend during these months of planning.

Al Vareha - Monroeville, PA

Wow! We had such an amazing time in Poland ! First, we'd like to let you know that our guides, Alicja and Gosia, were very knowledgeable and nice. They put up with our questions graciously (even when we got a little silly).

We were even able to visit the Lemko church of Jim 's grandfather and found Babci Dziad's sturdy log home in which she and her siblings were born. What a treat! Finding Bapci's childhood home was unbelievable. The ONLY one that hasn't been torn down in the entire neighborhood! We like to think it was meant for us to see it.
Of course, the highlight of the trip was meeting our relatives. That first night when we were showing Jozef our photos and he brought out a shoebox with copies of some of the same photos........We WERE family! He was also able to fill in many of the blanks in our family tree.

Thank you so much for all your hard work tracking down our family roots. The trip exceeded our expectations.

Judy K. - Great Falls , VA

Our most sincere thanks for arranging all the details for a trip that would become the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. Since retirement we have run into many obstacles in locating possible family members in Greece that we only hoped might exist. Once the relatives were located, our plans went into high gear. We decided not only to visit Greece but to make a few European stops on the way.

All the discussions and planning culminated in a trip that couldn't have been nicer. Your attention to detail and prompt response to our many questions over the months of planning were so appreciated.

Our experiences with transportation, hotels, side trips and guides, were fabulous. We depended totally on your guidance and expertise for our hotel locations in each of the three cities we visited. The hotels were totally charming and afforded tremendous views of our host cities. Additionally, each hotel was very clean and reasonable and the staff provided friendly and efficient service. Our guides were very fluent in English and extremely knowledgeable of the history in each location. We enjoyed our side trip to Chesky-Krumlov outside of Prague . It was a very charming little village.

We highly recommend your services to anyone interested in future travel and in discovering more about their families. You were a godsend for us and we wouldn't change a single thing. A million thanks for a wonderful trip.

Joe Kostoff - Indianapolis , IN

As to our trip, it was outstanding! Ewa was a top notch guide, fun, good sense of humor (once when everyone was going in different directions she said keeping all 16 of us all together was like herding sheep, I said it was more like herding cats), she was very flexible and was always able to fulfill our wants & needs. We would recommend her to any of our relatives or friends. Jack, our driver was also fun even though he spoke no English. One of our spur-of-the-moment events was to go mushrooming in the woods. Jack showed us which of the mushrooms were edible & which weren't.

Ewa was able to always find a restaurant in the evening with delicious Polish food. We enjoyed many picnic lunches along the way. We all enjoyed walking the streets of the many towns & villages of our ancestors and all took hundreds of pictures. We were able to make quite a few stops along the beautiful Baltic coast. We had two shopping forays into Gdansk especially enjoyed by the ladies. All in all it was an outstanding experience and I thank you again for putting this all together for us.

Laurie Tauscher. - Elbert , CO

Finding my relatives and going to meet them will stand as a lifetime highlight, and it would not have happened without the great care and attention the project received from you Deborah and Elaine. I will always be grateful.

Gerry Levandoski

I would like to thank you and ancestral attic for literally making a dream come true. With your help, I visited the birth places and parishes of six great grandparents, met my relatives and learned something about 19th century life in Poland. All details were perfectly arranged - itinerary, guide, hotels and transportation. I particularly appreciated your prompt e-mail responses, patience, flexibility and sense of humor.

Judy Eckert

The entire trip was AMAZING!! Everything happened exactly as planned. We were thoroughly impressed with each and every one of our guides and drivers. They were all exceptional. Each guide had deep and thorough knowledge of their geographic area.

Jeanette Orihuela - Hawaii

Curiosity regarding my family members in Poland - both past and present - grew stronger as time and generations in America passed. Initial (localized) attempts to discover relatives in Poland yielded promising results, but it was obvious that only more specific research on-site would provide the "keys" to the details we so much wanted to discover. Since such an effort posed numerous - and obvious - challenges, the initial goal was to discover a way to obtain guidance and assistance in Poland. We are so thankful that an internet search "linked" us with Ancestral Attic.

This organization completely understood our challenges and promised to put its expertise to work to help us with phone calls and actual visits to small parish archives to inspect books that had not been viewed in "a century". The staff of Ancestral Attic presented me with my verifiable and documented "past" and the ability to help make contact with 120 current family members who ultimately joined me and my sister for a reunion in a beautiful lakeside town in northern Poland! We never dreamed such an event would be possible!!
I recommend without reservation the services of Ancestral Attic to anyone who harbors any curiosity about their family in Poland. The results can be quite exciting!!

And I must mention one more fact…

Research in Poland opened other doors in Lithuania and Brazil. Ancestral Attic's expertise extends well beyond the borders of Poland itself. The family history is growing, questions are being answered and additional reunions are planned!!

David Narwich - Chicago , IL

Despite fifty-some years of researching US and Canadian families, I had come to a standstill on a project for close friends to trace back to Poland and Lithuania the families of their four grandparents who came to America in the early 1900's. Deborah and her colleagues at Ancestral Attic have been remarkable in their ability to trace these families back to the mid-1700's including providing original and translated birth, marriage, and death documents. Records by themselves, however, are only half the story. Becoming as involved as family members themselves, Deborah and her associates at Ancestral Attic were able to locate (and arrange to meet) close relatives in Poland, England, and Brazil with whom contact had been lost long ago. Ancestral Attic also assisted in planning a memorable ten-day trip to Poland and provided a wonderful guide (interpreter and driver as well) along with hotels, restaurants, and visits to ancestral villages, churches and cemeteries, and church archives.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Ancestral Attic and I can hardly wait for them to begin a new project on my own German ancestors in northwestern Poland and I look forward to their arranged visit there next spring.

Todd Cannon - Lakeside , MI

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had one of the best trips ever! I have traveled all around the world, and to many places in Europe, and I don't think I've ever seen a place that is more beautiful than Krakow and especially the market square at night. The restaurant that we went to that first night was very, very good, and it was so nice to sit outside!

We had a wonderful time in Wadowice Gorne. So for us, just to be in that town, and to see the church, and the old church and these people was so special! My mother cried when she left Stanislaus, and she kept saying that he looked exactly like her grandfather. All of them were so friendly and so nice to us and we loved meeting them. Perhaps I will need to make another trip there to finish! :)
I can't even tell you how special it was to go the the church in Brunary. I did not know my grandmother Kulig, because she died before I was born. But on the Kowalsky side, I knew my grandfather very well, and also his mother. I never thought in my life that I would ever go to Poland , let alone the town where she came from, nor that I would one day stand in the same church where her wedding was! It was a day of a lifetime for all of us.

My father gets very impatient, and we were worried that he might not enjoy the trip as much since he is not Polish. He was interested every second and loved the trip. He owns a coal mine in Pennsylvania , and loved seeing the salt mine. We all did. Afterward, Mike showed us where Schindler's factory was, from the Schindler's List movie. Again, it was sad but we enjoyed it so much.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to Michal and Alicia. They were wonderful to us and so very very nice. We miss them a lot.
After being on a tour with strangers, and having someone point everything to us through a window my Mom and Dad kept saying that they were so glad we didn't take an organized general tour the whole time. They kept on saying, and I agree, that we saw the "real" Poland with Mike and Alicia. We were in remote cities and eating in out of the way places and loved it!!!

I never expected to love Poland so much. Growing up, my father's family had much more influence on my life because my Polish grandparents died so young. We always kept the Polish customs on Christmas Eve, (Wigilia) and on Easter, but didn't know much about Poland or Polish people. After this trip, my brother and I keep saying how PROUD we are to be Polish! The polish people are so religious, and so nice, and so friendly!!

We were nervous a little because we waited until the last minute to plan the details of our trip, and we didn't know you except for what we read on your website. But you did a wonderful job. All of us said that we would be happy to write letters of recommendation if you want.

All of us who went on the trip have told everyone else in our family that they NEED to go to Poland! We are saying the same thing to people who are not in our family. Americans don't know much about Poland, and ask us why we went there. We show the pictures now, and can't wait to go back.

You have a great business. Poland is a wonderful place, and again, I am so happy to be Polish!

Louis Beltrami, Jr. - Roswell , GA

Today I received the final report on the Mudryszyn family roots in Poland . I am so VERY pleased. The report was extremely professional and much more than I expected. The history lesson really helped me to understand the changing borders and logistics of the Lemko region. Again, I want to thank you and your staff in Poland for their hard work and efforts. I cannot wait to share this information with my Mom and family.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone needing Polish Research.

Take care and best wishes,

Sandra Pozar-Keeter - Harvest, AL

Thank you for all the difficult work that you did! You went beyond the call of duty!

Karen Lawson - Ames , IA

We have just returned from our wonderful trip to Poland. I cannot thank you enough for all the research into my family history or for the planning and coordination of our trip to Krakow and the villages my grandmother and grandfather immigrated from As you know, I and 8 family members took my 79 year old father to Poland to see where his mother and father once lived. We had the slightest hope that we would actually meet a living relative from our Polish roots. The trip you planned for us was beyond our wildest dreams. The apartments were nice, our bus service and driver were top notch and our guide Ewa could not be described by any other word than "outstanding". Ewa gave us a 110% effort in meeting our needs and requests and 110% of the time, she went well beyond any duties that she was contracted for and it reflects the type of person associated with the Ancestral Attic. In all of my life, I have never seen my father so happy. A farmer by trade, like his father before him, he was busy raising a family and trying to put food on our table and never had time to think about a family still in Poland. It did however fascinate him, like me on why they may have immigrated to the US in the first place. His father wanted to return to Poland one day and never got that chance, although I felt his spirit with us through my fathers' tears of joy. Because my own fathers' time on this earth is limited, I feel that he has in some small way fulfilled his own father's dream of returning to his home land. Again, we owe this all to you and the Ancestral Attic.

There are no words to describe what you have done for our family. It has truly been a gift from God that could never be replaced. I have traveled to many different parts of the world and in 2008, will be traveling to Africa, in all my years; I have never enjoyed a trip more than the one you planned for us in Poland in 2006. For the potential people who may want assistance in researching their families' roots in Poland or would like to have a personalized trip to Poland planned for them, they could not find a finer and more professional person to assist them than you. Please feel free to use me as a reference, if any of your customers would like to talk to me personally about your services or your assistance to our group. We can never repay you for what we received back from our Poland trip and thank you does not seem nearly enough, therefore in closing…..I thank you, thank you and thank you again for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Gary J. Socola - Bloomfield , NY

Over twenty-five years ago, I embarked on learning about my families' roots, knowing all of my ancestors came from Poland. Because I neither read nor speak Polish, I believed I could go no farther then those relatives that first came to America. But after working with Ancestral Attic, I've learned that is not true.

How thrilling it is to read about the birth of your grandfather, the marriage of your great-grandparents, the lives and accomplishments of many of their descendants and much more.

It is my privilege to highly recommend the services of Ancestral Attic. Not only have I learned so much about my ancestors, but I am in contact with several relatives I never would have known I had.

Ray Mann - Reno, Nevada

My experience with Ancestral Attic has been a favorable one. If you're like me and do not know where or how to begin, the experienced Staff at Ancestral Attic can guide you through the process and the language barriers.

Finding dependable Genealogists is not as easy as it may seem. My experience with an earlier genealogist left me totally frustrated as he just disappeared. I found out later that I was not the only one that he scammed.

Ancestral Attic provides a professional atmosphere with personalized treatment. In my case because of the rarity of my name, phone interviews were also conducted with potential relatives. They will leave no stone unturned and will conveniently provide those periodic updates that we all desire.

Copies of Documents researched can be requested for a modest fee. The best part I have left for last. Ancestral attic will translate the Russian, Polish, etc. documents and summarize in a PDF File!

I'm looking forward to my next phase of research using Ancestral Attic to guide the way.


Steven Skoropowski - Tewksbury , Massachusetts

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