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Private Escorted Genealogy Tours of Poland & Custom Eastern European Heritage Tours in General

Eastern Europe Heritage tours

Our escorted custom private Poland genealogy tours along with our private escorted Eastern European holiday and heritage tours in general are designed with your desires in mind. “Our most sincere thanks for a trip that would fulfill a lifetime dream”……this is just one quote from the many testimonials we have received after introducing our clients to their homeland. Have you ever dreamed of walking in the footsteps of your ancestors? Would you like to have a better understanding of how they lived or what they may have experienced? Would you like to visit the village they were born in, the school they attended, the church, synagogue or temple they worshipped at, the place they are buried or even the home they lived in? An Ancestral Attic heritage tour is the journey of a lifetime and can be a very moving experience for all involved. We pride ourselves in our dedication to ensuring that each moment our clients' experience during their time abroad is enduring and unforgettable. Most importantly, we take special care to see that all needs are met. Our individual clients are not treated as one of many, but rather each person is treated with the care and the undivided attention they deserve.

As experienced genealogy researchers as well, we can escort you to the archives and help you through the process of locating documents should you desire to perform your very own genealogy fact-finding mission while abroad. We can also perform a live relation search in advance of your trip for an opportunity to reunite with long lost family members. All itineraries are designed with flexibility and comfort according to your wishes. Our private Poland escorted genealogy tours and Eastern European heritage tours in general are about what you would like to see and how you would like to see it; each tour is unique. Let an Ancestral Attic genealogy tour take you home.

An Ancestral Attic Genealogy Tour Offers…..

  • Reputable escorted tours of any region, town or village within Belarus, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. Genealogy vacations.
  • We can accommodate small tours from 1 person to large tours for up to 100 people
  • Private and Flexible - Tell us where you would like to go or let us make suggestions based on your needs. Your tour can be totally private or we can mix in small group jaunts.
  • Research – Your genealogy guide can take you to any archive, civil office, parish or relevant repository in order to research for family documentation in person or we can perform research for you in advance of your trip.
  • Live Relation Search – Allow us to try and locate family members still living in your ancestral location for a chance at a possible reunion during your trip.
  • Avoid the hassle of trying to navigate a foreign country on your own. Using an Ancestral Attic translator, guide or driver will make your escorted tour of Poland or private tour of Eastern Europe in general an engaging, trouble-free and enlightening experience.
  • Tour Coordination – At your service at any time day or night, you will have the pleasure of dealing with your own personal tour coordinator who will work with you hand-in-hand to ensure your trip is set up in exactly the way you want to experience it.
  • Take your tour at any time; we work around your schedule, you don’t have to work around ours.

General Sightseeing Tours

Coupled with an escorted private and customized tour, Ancestral Attic can also take you to visit any landmark, attraction or major sight within any of the countries we service. Nature tours, historical tours, cultural tours; no matter your pursuit, we can accommodate it. To get a better idea as to what you can see in your country of interest, please click on any of the flags below.

Destinations Belarus Ukraine Russia Hungary Romania Slovakia Poland Slovenia Lithuania Czech Republic Latvia Germany

Our Genealogy Tours Include Any Or All Of The Following…..


  • We'll make all arrangements for a hotel setting or an apartment with kitchen and all according to your needs.


  • Our vehicles can accommodate a party of 1 or a group of 100. We use comfortable and newer vehicles (equipped with AC) from sedans for a smaller party of 2-5 persons, mini-van for up to 8 persons, mini-bus for up to 21 and tour bus for up to 100 people. We can also provide tickets for train transport within any country we service and quote airfare based on your requirements.

    Airport Arrival and Departure

  • We'll be there to pick you up from any location and transport you to anywhere you need to be; any time - day or night.

    Tour Guide

  • Our guides are personable, congenial, flexible and ready to give you a specific and comprehensive history of every location that pertains to your history and/or any city or town you experience. Most importantly, our guides are well informed. If you're visiting your ancestral village they will study all facts relevant to your case in advance in order to provide you with a detailed history of your ancestral home.

    Attraction Fees

  • If desired, we will handle all fees necessary for the many attractions that Poland or Eastern Europe in general has to offer so that you won't need to spend time waiting in lines.


  • We will reserve a table at a place of your choosing or we can make suggestions and reserve based on your particular tastes.



costAncestral Attic tours are often less expensive than an "off the shelf" excursion. Best yet, our reasonably priced tours are designed to fit your budget. We can accommodate most any wallet from a basic economy tour to a fully exclusive upscale tour. In order to provide you with a proper cost, we must have the details of what your needs entail so contact us today for a free quote and we'll work out the perfect, tailor-made Eastern European and/or Poland heritage tour at a price you can afford!


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