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Ukraine Genealogy and Heritage Tours

Private escorted tour of Ukraine...take a Ukrainian tour with us today!

Ask us about a custom heritage tour of Ukraine including general sightseeing such as a Carpathian Mountain tour, Crimea tour, Kiev tour, Lviv tour, Odessa tour, Kherson tour, Kharkiv tour and any village, town or experience in between. Take a Ukraine genealogy tour and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors, see your heritage come to life and get a taste of present day Ukraine.

UkrainianTour Ukraine and experience a newly independent state with a long and glorified history. Curiously overlooked by a majority of travelers, Ukraine is a sleeping beauty whose charms cannot be suppressed. Boasting a deep-rooted cultural identity, an entire assortment of historical attractions, exquisite architecture and a lush countryside, Ukraine has it all. Visitors can travel to unique traditional villages where aged customs have been passed down through generations, tour palaces belonging to the descendants of Genghis Khan or explore mountainous cave cities that up until a millennium ago were populated by persons of various ethnicities.

Castle in CrimeaCrimea (now annexed to the Russian Federation) on the Black Sea is both a stunning and historically significant region of Ukraine. Yalta its main city, along with a host of other locations, offers the possibility of leisurely discoveries through seaside vistas, majestic mountains, and botanical parks as well as keen adventure through medieval castles, historic cities, and wine tasting events. First appearing in historical records as Kyrk-Or (Forty Fortifications), present day Chufut-Kale in Crimea was settled sometime between the VI and XII centuries. Visitors here can explore ancient burial chambers and glimpse a truly breathtaking view of the valley below. Quite a bit further a field in the city of Kerch, one can investigate Tsarske Kurgan which is an empty IV-century BC burial mound, reputed to be the grave of a Bosporan king. Stroll about the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Khersones in Sevastopol. This unique locale was founded in 422 BC and launched what would become the Russian Orthodox Church thanks to the baptism of Volodymyr the Great here in 989 AD. The Uspensky Cave Monastery in Crimea offers the opportunity to not only view a magnificent structure literally built into caves of limestone walls but also the mysterious icon of Mary, mother of Jesus, which according to legend, miraculously appeared high on a cliff one day. Finally, one cannot leave this celebrated locale without visiting Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisarai with its brightly colored walls, carved ceilings and unique architecture. 

Kiev UkraineUkraine’s major cities are a virtual treasure trove of sights as well. Take pleasure in uncovering the most interesting sights Kiev (Kyiv) has to offer including: Pechersk Lavra, a unique UNESCO branded monastery complex and St. Andrew's church, located on one of the most picturesque streets in the city. It is said that this church was built on the exact spot that the Apostle Andrew planted a cross. For a trip back in time, the Pirogovo Open Air Museum highlights traditional Ukrainian architecture and lifestyle in the XVI-XIX centuries through representations of wooden buildings, churches, mills, and huts. Also worth a gander is the Baroque masterpiece of Mariinsky Palace originally built for the Russian Empress Elizabeth Petrovna in 1752, the Holy Trinity Church, once home to more than 800 monks and the district of Podol with its 226 monuments and brightly colored buildings.

L'viv statueLviv (Lvov) was fortunate enough to escape most of the destruction of WW ll and is an absolutely captivating treat with its cobbled streets, cozy squares and historic charms. The historic center is a UNESCO world heritage sight and is home to the city’s famous town hall and numerous XV century buildings. High Castle Hill offers the best vantage point for a stunning panoramic view of Lviv itself. For a turn to the religious, the Armenian Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the oldest churches in the city dating back to 1363. For something different, see a thatched wooden house from the village of Oriavchyk , carved wooden and ceramic plates, original Hutsul woolen blankets and more at the Lviv Folk Architecture and Rural Life Museum.

Kamianets-Podilskyi CastleOne of the oldest cities in Ukraine, Kamyanets-Podilsky, is considered a cultural phenomenon. This city dubbed “the pearl in the stone” was settled between the XI and XIII centuries and is located on a rocky island along a stretch of the Smotrich River in a picturesque canyon setting. Well known for its harmonious combination of beautiful landscape and medieval architecture, this marvelous town is home to over 170 historical monuments and should be a must see on anyone’s checklist.

Jewish heritage tours UkraineAside from all these superb excursions, Ukraine offers up an entire host of sights that highlight the Jewish culture as well. If you are of the Jewish faith, we can escort you to the Congregation Hatikvah, Babi Yar Memorial , the Podol Synagogue, the monument to the Yiddish writer Sholom Aleichem, and the Jewish Community Center all in Kiev. The towns of Zhytomir and Berdichev both offer an Old Jewish Quarter and cemetery and are well worth a look or further afield, there lies Chernivtsi, home to noted scholars and rabbis. Berdichev, once ranked the second largest Jewish community in Russia, has numerous locations to visit including the old Berdichev Synagogue and the grave of Rabbi Levi Isaac. Lviv is also rich in Jewish sights including: the Jewish Quarter, ruins of the Golden Rose Synagogue, Hasidic Synagogue (Center for Jewish Culture) and much more.

These are just a few examples of what Ukraine has to offer. If you’re considering spending a holiday here, let us know and we’ll work with you to create the ideal itinerary at a rate you can afford. We don’t dictate what will be included in any tour, but rather we work hand-in-hand with our clients in order to outline the most perfect experience for each person or individual group. Want to see other sights in Ukraine inside or outside of the major cities or off the beaten path? If you dream it up, we can accommodate it.

Tour Ukraine your way!


Our Genealogy Tours Include any or all of the following ...


  • We'll make all arrangements for a hotel setting or an apartment with kitchen and all according to your needs


  • Vehicles accommodate a party of 1 or a group of 100. We use comfortable, luxurious, newer vehicles equipped with AC. From sedans for the smaller party of 2-5 persons , mini-van for up to 8 persons, mini-bus for up to 21 and Tour-bus for up to 100 people.  We can also provide tickets for train transport within any country we service and quote airfare based on your requirements.

Airport Arrival and Departure

  • We'll be there to pick you up from any location and transport you to anywhere you need to be; any time - day or night.

Tour Guide

  • Personable, congenial and very flexible. Ready to give you a specific and comprehensive history of every location that pertains to your history and/or any city or town you experience.
  • Aside of taking you to general attractions your guide can take you to any archive, parish or other appropriate repository in order to help you research any family documentation or our experienced genealogists can perform your genealogical research in advance of your journey
  • Our Guides are well informed. If you're visiting your ancestral village they will study all facts relevant to your case in advance in order to provide you with a detailed history of your ancestral home.

Attraction Fees

  • If desired, we will handle all fees necessary for the many attractions that Ukraine or Eastern Europe in general has to offer so that you won't need to spend time waiting in lines.


  • We will reserve a table at a place of your choosing or we can make suggestions and reserve based on your particular tastes.


costAncestral Attic tours are often less expensive than an "off the shelf" excursion. Best yet, our reasonably priced tours are designed to fit your budget. We can accommodate most any wallet from a basic economy tour to a fully exclusive upscale tour. In order to provide you with a proper cost, we must have the details of what your needs entail so contact us today for a free quote and we'll work out the perfect, tailor-made Ukrainian or Eastern European heritage tour at a price you can afford!

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